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Do You Really Know What Shoppers Want?

  • Are your customers going to competitors because you don’t stock the items they want?
  • Are your year-on-year sales declining?
  • Does keeping up with fashion trends hurt your head?
  • Did you massively discount your last collection?
  • Are you mistiming your product drops?

Introducing Data-Supported Fashion Trends

Spektacle helps you learn what shoppers want and desire by diving deep into their online search behaviour. 

Search insights are an amazing source of trend intelligence since no one holds back when they search. After all, when was the last time you lied, or tried to impress someone, when you Googled something?

Fuelled by trillions of publicly available anonymous searches,  Spektacle examines these searches en masse to let you in on the public’s most intimate fashion wants, wants they would never post on Instagram, share on Facebook, nor reveal in a focus group.

With Spektacle you can understand exactly which styles, colours, prints and even brands are being searched in volume to help guide your trend decisions and avoid trends that are unlikely to sell.

Spektacle Allows You to Discover…

– Market Demand

Check if there is a true demand in the marketplace for trends by understanding their monthly search volumes and trend direction over the last decade.

Find out styles, colours, prints, materials, and other product trends shoppers seek out to guide your own products and ranges.

– Product Features

Learn what product features shoppers find important to help you identify points of difference and select angles to focus on in product descriptions.

Understand which brands and retailers shoppers associate with a category, great for establishing the competitive landscape.

– Signature Pieces

Learn which hero pieces shoppers seek out when it comes to specific brands to learn which products are helping drive their success.

– Seasonality

Find out when product searches spike during the year to help inform your promotion / drop strategies so you can capture more sales.

How it Works in Three Steps:

  1. Browse our Trend Collection
  2. Purchase a Spektacle Trend Report
  3. Get Trend Insights in Seconds

We Don’t Care Just About Trends. We Care About You.

No pesky sales calls or long-term lock-ins to access Spektacle.

Millions of fashion trends are analysed to build our trend library.

Founder has 20-years experience working with fashion trends.