THE BASICS to Get Started

Spektacle’s trend areas consist of a simple table which allow you to explore trends, their search volumes, and their trend direction. 

Explore a Trend

In the search area for our Dresses Trend Finder, try typing in a colour, print, style, or brand. Single words works best. Trends which have more searches are more popular than trends that have fewer searches.

For instance try typing in ‘cocktail’ into the Explore a Trend area above. As you’ll see, black cocktail dresses are more than twice as popular compared to red cocktail dresses.

Trend Direction

Spektacle also allows you to view the trend direction of any trend to help you decide if it’s worth pursuing. Simply click on the blue star next to a term, and you’ll be whisked off to Google Trends where you can view its trend chart showing interest over time.

Using the search area for dresses above, search for ‘mini dress’ and click on the blue star. You’ll spot that consumer interest in mini dresses has been increasing since 2012, indicating mini dresses are a strong style to invest in the UK.