Cider Brands

Most Popular Cider Brands in the UK

In this list you’ll discover which cider brands UK consumers find most desirable, ranging from homegrown favourites like Strongbow all the way to ciders coming from further afield.

16. Woodpecker


Woodpecker is a light-bodied sweet cider with a stewed apple character, originally made by Percy Bulmer in 1894.

17. Thistly Cross


Thistly Cross is a collaboration between a farmer and an artist, produced on the East Coast of Scotland. Their ciders are handcrafted in small batches using real fruit, slow fermented & long matured.

18. Alska


Alska is a deliciously refreshing natural fruit cider, and a wonderful combination of traditional and innovative Swedish fruit cider varieties which can be enjoyed at anytime: a night out, with food or relaxing at home.

19. Cranes


Cranes Drinks create a Refreshingly Natural range of fruit ciders, handcrafted by co-founders and twin brothers Ben & Dan Ritsema in Cambridge.

20. Diamond White


A dry white Cider, best served cold; Diamond White is a classic British cider, full of dry crisp apples and a full fizzy body.