Top 50 Ice Cream Brands in the UK According to Consumers

In this list, we reveal the most popular ice cream brands ranging from household names such as Magnum to new plant-based brands such as Judes.

In this list, you’ll discover the top ice cream brands UK consumers find most desirable. To create this list, we used search listening to analyse 248,300 unique ‘ice cream’ searches in the UK, honing in on branded ice cream searches and corresponding search volume data over a 12-month period.

Ice cream brands are ranked by search interest relative to the most popular ice cream brand in this list – in this case, Magnum. In other words, Magnum is the most popular of all the ice cream brands at 100%, and Ben & Jerry’s is 67% as popular in comparison to Magnum.

No Ice Cream Brands Interest Level Website
1 Magnum 100
2 Ben And Jerry'S 67
3 Halo Top 67
4 Joes 55
5 Loyus Biscoff 36
6 Percy Pig 36
7 Twister 36
8 Haagen Dazs 36
9 Nuii 36
10 Oppo 36